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Simon's Hands!

This site features the unique, one of a kind artwork created by Simon's hands.  Some are created with the assistance of his Mom helping guide his hands, while others are completely his own creation.  Either way, you're getting an amazing, original piece of art, and any sales go towards Simon's continuing medical care and treatment.

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Simon's Hands at a Glance

A Bit about our special "Paintbrush"

Simon was born on Father’s Day June 19, 2005.  He was diagnosed with a chromosomal abnormality - Trisomy 11Q Monosomy 20P, and is the only documented case in the world!  He is legally deaf/blind although he does have limited sight and hearing.  Painting is a form of occupational therapy that he enjoys.

Simon Painting
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Proud Artist1
Painting in progress
Proud artist2

American Flag

One of Simon's most popular paintings.

Latest Flag.JPG
Desert Mountain

Desert Mountain

Inspired by the beauty of Southern Utah.  The contrast of deep blue skies with the rich, red sandstone makes it easier for Simon to visualize.

Nested Flower

Look for the flower within the flower!  Working on finger isolation and we think this is quite unique, just like Simon!

Nested Flower

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Whether you have questions about a special order, or just want to tell Simon, "Hello"... send us a message below.  Simon loves hearing from all of his new friends!

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"Simon is everything I never knew I always wanted."

Valorie Dodart

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